The Pointe Class Book
The Pointe Class Book

Check out these easy to read combinations. Some are noted in a more formal ballet terminology. (croise, devant, etc.) Some use abbreviations like f,s,b (front, side, back) to make an easy to read notation.

Sample combinations:
Échappé and passé relevé - may be done at the barre, then repeated in the center.

  1-4 2 échappé to fourth
    (en face to see correct positioning in 4th, later croisé for a nice épaulement)
  5-8 2 échappé to seconde (changing) en face
  1-4 2 passé relevé en arrière
  5-8 sous-sus and détourné
  1-16 other side

From the Corner - Ballonné Relevé - Effacé, opposition arms in 3rd
  + fondu, with R coupé devant
  1 relevé with R extension devant
  +2+3+4 continue
  + fondu, with R coupe devant
  5 pique into 1st arabesque on the R, L close front sous-sus
  6-7 soutenu turn
  8 lower and ready to repeat

pointe ballonne