Keep it interesting and keep it moving! Recital Entrances and Exits.

Dance Recital Entrance and Exit

Combine different entrances and exits in your next dance recital

At Shelly’s School of Dance, we try to have a variety of entrances from different sides and wings. For some numbers, the dancers walk onstage in a black-out and get into position before the lights come up. When planning a show it works best to have the dancers onstage for the first number as well as the first number after intermission. This way you get the full dramatic effect of the curtain opening with the dancers posed! For one of your numbers, try opening the curtain to subtle lighting showing the dancers in silhouette before the lights come fully on. Be creative and add some interest to your dance recital with a variety of entrances and exits. Remember to plan those entrances and exits in advance to make sure they are fluid from one dance to the next and keep the show moving!