Reproducible Boy Coloring Sheets (Digital)


25 Reproducible Dance Coloring Sheets featuring boys. (Your download link will come in an e-mail immediately after purchase. Details below.)

25 PDFS – you may reproduce as many as you like as handouts for your students or family.  Not to be posted on your website or any internet site.

17 Ballet Pages: First Position, Second Position, Third Position, Fourth Position, Fifth Position, Battement Dégagé, Pas de Chat, Changement, 1st Arabesque, Pirouette à la seconde, Cabriole, Russian Jump, and 2 Pas de deux.

8 Hip Hop Pages: Freeze, Do the Worm, Flares, The Grinder, Handstand, and 4 additional hip hop poses.

New and improved in 2022.