The Pointe Class Book (Digital)


The Pointe Class Book (PDF) has over 100 combinations for barre and center of a beginning or intermediate pointe class.

Combinations are given in the following categories: Slow Releves and Rolling through the shoe, Medium speed Relevés with Tendu, Beginning Bourrée and Pas de bourrée, Quick Relevés that transfer Center, Intermediate and one foot Relevés, Piqué at the barre, Several Center sections, Sissonne Relevé, Turns from the corner, Grande Allegro, Ballonne and more.

Also included are the notes for:
Sleeping Beauty Variation – Vivacity
Sleeping Beauty – Temperament
Sleeping Beauty – Silver Fairy
Sleeping Beauty -Diamond Fairy
Sleeping Beauty – Auroras Act 3 Variation
Sleeping Beauty – Female Bluebird Variation
Flower Festival Variation – Female
Swan Lake Pas de Quatre – The Little Swans